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Welcome to the official website of the “singing plants”.

Here plants flowers and trees are equipped with machines, which, inspired by the work of Cleve Backster, enables them to be heard. Yes, indeed you have read correctly ! They sing, they improvise, they talk, accompany talks, concerts or demonstrate their prowesses during conferences. They hear, feel, give, receive, share… Oh no it is not extraordinary, no ! It is even quite barbarous ! Imagine that one would need to put electrodes, tubes, machines on you to try to understand you !… But it is an obligatory passage. And soon we will have overcome this, and we will be able to talk together as you and me in the most natural way !

It will take a little more time… If only we had a little more time !… 😉

I invite you to join the vegemen, all living, animated  beings who share the same life. This term comes from This term comes from « vegeo », which means : lively, alive, animated, and from « Men », « Man » = « Homo », which means in Latin, not « andro » nor « gyné », but « the same », and comprises :

  • the big family of the vegeation which is the new spelling of vegetation, so that we can abandon the deviated signification of « to vegetate », which associates vegetation to stagnation, staying mediocre etc… when it’s original meaning is in fact vitality, vigor, life ! Thus by taking the letter « t » away, we hear the initial etymology again, which comes from « vegeo » and means : to animate, lively, alive… vigor ! And which, with human arrogance has come to mean right the opposit !
  • That of animals, of which we are part, as well as the insects, bacteria, and other « vegemen » of this family which are our brothers and sisters, under this magnificent term of « animus », which means in Latin « one that has a soul », a spirit. Coming from Sanscrit : « ane » which means « to breath »!
  • And finally the family of minerals, munus, muneris, de mei which means in Sanscrit « to change », exchange… There is no recognition of life here, nor of conscience, I grant you. But you would have to be crazy to dismiss it with a simple setback when you consider the advances on the plant and animal world that surge on us every day

It is hens called « vegeanity » from « vegeo » : living, « anus » : adjectival suffix and « itas » : suffix.

For me, who, still a few years ago, thought myself, even without being conscious of it, superior to the rest of the living, as still do most of us, I saw myself as a slave driver discovering after thirty years of slavory, that the African man that he holds in chains is in fact a living being exactly like him ! Like it will also soon be the case, I hope, for all these men (and women themselves…) who consider women as objects.

If you are already on the other side and all this horrifies you, the best way to change things is that each of us at our level takes the responsibility of this discrimination. As if we were the only one responsible. And then work every day to abandon the fear of missing, to abandon the fear of not being loved enough for what we are. Abandon fear… and welcome life. And thank life for surrounding us, so numerous, so varied, so rich, so intelligent, so singular. By starting to take every part of it as a living being, a real vegeman, like we are. Listen to it, take the time to discover it. Come back to it. To, one day, be amazed of the proximity between each and all of us. And by the magnificent teachings they have for us. Even a little herb ! Yes… even a little herb. It isn’t them that are becoming more intelligent, but it is us becoming less arrogant, more present, concerned, implicated. And it is good ! Really good. And it heels. Really heels !

Welcome to this page of sharing with these out of the ordinary musicians ! Mr Arundinaria (philosopher Bambou), Miss Pteris Cretica called « Danae » the loving fern, the venerable Catalpa (been tree with heart shaped leaves) and their sisters and brothers vegeation !

Don’t leave ! Wait ! I didn’t tell you the most important thing ! TADAM !!! Here you will discover the first words ever pronounced by plants in the history of vegeanity and of what we still called yesterday humanity.

Yes the singing plants reserves you many surprises…

A Vegeman… like many others