Welcome to the official website of the “singing plants”.

Here plants flowers and trees are equipped with machines, which, inspired by the work of Cleve Backster, enables them to be heard. Yes, indeed you have read correctly ! They sing, they improvise, they talk, accompany talks, concerts or demonstrate their prowesses during conferences. They hear, feel, give, receive, share… Oh no it is not extraordinary, no ! It is even quite barbarous ! Imagine that one would need to put electrodes, tubes, machines on you to try to understand you !… But it is an obligatory passage. And soon we will have overcome this, and we will be able to talk together as you and me in the most natural way !

It will take a little more time… If only we had a little more time !… 😉

I invite you to join the vegemen, all living, animated  beings who share the same life. This term comes from « vegeo », which means : lively, alive, animated, and from « Men », « Man » = « Homo », which means in Latin, not « andro » nor « gyné », but « the same », and comprises […]


Video of our performance for the « 24 hours of meditation for the earth » at the Grand Rex – The plant gives a voice message at the end of the video… After meditation – 2015


Video of PermaFutur-Interview and on plants singing research advancement – 2017
A Vegeman… Like so many others