The music of plants-Intro

research / mercredi, janvier 24th, 2018
These are the first words about my experience with the device Devorama U1 « Music of the Plants« , a device marketed by the community of Damanhur (spiritual and scientific community in northern Italy).
This is a series of three blog articles (Intro-A-B) from the beginning, in 2015, of this miraculous encounter that still occupies me today…
At the time, Jean Thoby needed feedback for an audit done by scientists, to find out if it was worth investing in this field. I had the box since four weeks and I spent my days making fascinating discoveries. I was just beginning to use a few words… The first names. A few weeks later, I began to use keyboards of words, keyboards that I inaugurated on the evening of the 24 hours of Meditation for the Earth which took place at the Grand Rex in Paris, that same year.
It’s difficult to define exactly what’s going on. Does the plant hear? Scientists seem to have shown that this is the case… Does the plant understand? Certainly, but what? To what extent? Where? What for? How? The list of questions lengthens as we meet more and more and once on this road, one can’t say « I understand ».
No, it is not a question of understanding, or convincing, but of exploring. it’s a trip towards yourself and towards others. A holy trip for those who have the time, the patience, the joy, the pleasure of discovery.
Some investment is needed though. The device is worth 700 euros and you will need samplers (unless you are satisfied with the sounds of the device…), speakers, etc.
But the journey is fascinating and will redifine your concepts.
Can we play music together? Sometimes yes ! Quite magically… But most of the time you will be inclined to listen. Not with the ears, but with the heart, with the intention.
She’ll play whatever you want to hear.
Are you skeptical? Then she will help you to be even more septical !
Do you believe in magic?  Well you’ll believe in it even more also !
And so on…
This article in three parts unrolls like this:
• The intro: that you are reading;).
1st Article: feedback of a first experience, written to be read by an uninformed audience.
2nd Article: Exchanges of e-mails with Jean Thoby, French Botanist, who sells the Devorama machines in France and has a great expertise in plants and plant singing. He calls himself a « Musi-niériste » (that is, someone who works to teach the plants to sing in a kind of conservatory of music for plants!)
Intro-Part APart B
A Végéhomme… Like so many others

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