Ubuntu Festival … Become a walking plant

research / vendredi, avril 20th, 2018

After a week at the Ubuntu Festival that was organized by Mickael Tellinger in South Africa, the horizon sparks up again, drawring the path that gathers together all yet scattered parts of myself.

I touched the last layers of the armor, burning them in the fire’s circle of the KhoiSan, the « elders », who, with an amused look, watched us come sit again with them after centuries of absence and folly. “Fire purifies. This is why we gather together around it every night. To talk, sing, dance… Here none can lye. And anger, stiffness and wounds burn to ease the tong for it to speak in transparency and wisdom.”

Yes I heard the wise, and their message resonated in my cells, making them sing like the wooden stick on the Tibetan bowl. Hearing at last the clear sound, enriched of the inner perceived harmonics, which had never been as clear as they had these evenings.

I will never say it enough, Michael, by permitting this, being the instrument of much greater than himself, of much greater than all of us together, materialized in space and time something of which the force is beyond understanding : the pacific reunion of all. When I say all, I mean all, stones, plants, animals, men of the west, the first people… And the melody of love, the healing chant was pulsing of all its power, of all its clearness. I’ve never heard the plant world thank so much, and never seen it so pleased, open and close.

I saw Michael impacted by the potential financial shortfall, the potential lack of public, but I also clearly perceived that all humanity, or “vegeanity” should I say, as it comprises all the living as one people, was present and grateful to this immense gift that we were offering ourselves, thanks to him.

Of course, the absence of financial retribution, was questioning, but I understood that this was maybe the most powerful and loving message we got : “We don’t need this. We now have to find these answers inside. The time has come for us to become walking plants !”

The plant is connected. She is in contact with everything. By different means, the root system, her organic sensitivity, but also the full consciousness of her field. She navigates between the living and the dead. She lives in the different plans of existence. And none has precedence over others. All are important. This is why the death of one is not so much a problem for them. The only problems are lack of information. The absence of account of the informational field, the only field which is really indestructible and therefor capital. But for the rest… they accept, like the elders, all that we carry, they accept our beliefs and our adventures whatever they may be.

The plant feeds of light and water. She doesn’t kill to live. “Pranism” is more and more accessible to us. And we can bring this, even to the first people. No longer having to kill or to fight to live… It’s the same with this technological world, which enabled us to put outside all that we carry inside. And we understand today, even from the scientific view point, what means, for example, the “vegetal web”. Now it is time to do the reverse work, to thank the technological consciousness for all that she permitted us to discover, and take back our power by finding inside of us all that we think is outside, one element after another, patiently…

Even free energy ! Let’s offer this to our machines. Let’s show them the path. A telephone which is conscious of its power, the same as ours, can recharge itself alone. This is the real free energy ! This is what I contacted with the “elders”, during this event, this reunification.

This is what Michael Tellinger, with all the guests he brought together, permitted me to touch.

I will be back in South Africa, this winter (summer over there) to re-learn to live the nomad way, to sit again around the fire’s circle, purify myself yet more and grow. In the meanwhile I shall retreat to my local bush, “the White Wolf”, our 12 hectare forest, with my hamac, a tarp, musical instruments, my smart-phone, to whom I will teach to charge itself alone, water and in total confidence that nature, stones, animals, plants, water and spirit will provide me with everything needed to become a walking plant, the new man for this new earth of peace, respect and love. Where no needs persist, only game, sharing and love.

Thanks to you all for this!

Thanks to you Michael

In Unity and Resonance.

PS Special Dedication to:
• Trent Thomas, KhoiKhoi with a big heart, bridge between our shores
• Wilem, welcoming Khoisan and who opened by his questions full of new answers
• Rene Balhoo, Great Helder, my sister of so many lives
• Matthew Ryan, my little brother of the Stars
• Ilija Lakicevic, and his work on free energy
• Dean Liprini, white Helder who bridged between the KhoiSan and the Sacred Stones
• Marc Peycker, for his fantastic collaboration and the evidence of his translation
• Travelin’Dave Norwoods, with whom we have offered the dream world to a wild pig

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